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Mechanical dispersion is the process
of using water jets to pulverize oil
into microscopic droplets - without using
chemicals. The oil will stay suspended
and be efficiently degraded
by natural occurring bacteria.

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The VORAX USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel) was developed during
the first half of 2018, and since then the vessel has gone through
a substantial testing program. This program was concluded with a
set of successful tests carried out middle of July -19 at the Ohmsett Oil Spill
Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility in New Jersey. The vessel is now ready
for industrialization.

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About us

Over the last 6-7 years Blue Impact and partners have performed several laboratory tests and technology development projects to establish an operational solution for mechanical dispersion of oil spills at sea. The development is based upon patents held by Stein Erik Sørstrøm, a former senior scientist, research director and senior business developer at SINTEF, together with other experts at SINTEF.

SINTEF TTO initiated a commercialisation process, and Blue Impact AS (formerly Chemfree AS) was formed in 2016 with a team consisting of Stein Erik Sørstrøm and Karl Fjelde Nevland.

One main objective of our development is to improve the way we handle oil spills at sea.

Our journey

News about the development

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Video and pics from the last round of testing carried out at the Ohmsett Oil Spill Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility in New Jersey.


OSPR/Chevron Technology Workshop

OSPR/Chevron Technology Workshop

Last week Karl Fjelde Nevland presented the results from The Santa Barbara Seep Demo at the OSPR/Chevron Oil Spill Response Technology Workshop. We also got the chance to inspect Vorax in Carpinteria


Thank you!

Thank you!

We would like to thank all the actors involved in the demonstration outside Santa Barbara for making it a great success


New Animation

New Animation

We have made a new animation describing our concept of using USV technology for chemical-free dispersion of oil spills


Global Growth Canada

Global Growth Canada

Last week we attended a export competence programs arranged by Innovation Norway for Norwegian Companies with technology for harsh environment

Technical information

General information

General information about the company and our development.


Technical information about Vorax - our USV for dispersion of oil spills without chemicals. Vorax means "I break down" in latin, and we’ve named the USV after Alcanivorax, which is one of the main bacteria breaking down oil spills.

Mechanical dispersion

An introduction to the mechanical dispersion process. Test results and previous research.


Karl Fjelde Nevland

Olav Lindquist
+47 9263 5501

Børge Kjeldstad

Børge Kjeldstad
+47 92601673

Stein Erik Sørstrøm

Stein Erik Sørstrøm
Senior Technical Advisor / Inventor
+47 99536050

Karl Fjelde Nevland

Karl Fjelde Nevland
Technical Advisor
+47 92647486

Karl Fjelde Nevland

Harald Svensen
Sales Consultant
+47 48217417


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